News archive for 2019/20.

Membership renewal 2019-20

General Enquiries: ecfcdsa@gmail.com
Membership: ecdsa.membership@ecfc.co.uk

Dear Members,

A reminder that it is that time of year for ECDSA membership renewals for the 2019-20 season.

Please send your cheque/postal order/notes for £5 to the address below quoting your name, ECDSA membership number and any changes that have been made to your contact details, (address, email, telephone numbers) since last season.

Send to: ECDSA Membership, 38 The Marles, EXMOUTH, Devon, EX8 4NS

Alternatively, you can now pay by bank transfer quoting the reference: ECDSA Member (plus add your membership number to end of ‘ECDSA Member’ e.g: ECDSA Member 85).

To ECDSA bank account:
Co-op Bank
Account Name: ECDSA
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Account number: 65655584

If you pay by bank transfer please email: ecdsa.membership@ecfc.co.uk if there are any changes to your contact details.

If you’re unable to renew, I would like to thank you for your support of ECDSA last season and hope you might re-join at some time in the future.

Thank you for your time.


David Jones
ECDSA vice-chairman & membership secretary


Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association

I would like to renew my ECDSA Membership for the 2019-20 season.


Membership number:


Telephone or Mobile:
Email Address:

Signed: Date:

I enclose my cheque/postal order/notes for £5.00; Cheques should be made payable to ECDSA.


ECDSA Out & About

Membership recruitment officer Martin Robertson recently attended a local charity dog show setup by the Forever Hounds Trust on behalf of our Disabled Supporters Association by taking us out to the wider community.


The event was a successful day and Martin was able to raise £87.50 by signing up new members; renewals; badge sells and kind donations.

Martin was not just there to promote what we at the DSA does but to encourage members of the public with working (assistance) dogs to attend matches up at the park as the club has an Assistance Dog’s policy and feedback from supporters with assistant dogs have been very positive. Martin also helped to promote the club in other ways by handing out fixture cards and posters to those at the dog show.

We also had a stand by the club shop before the Swindon game and with Martin’s help again we raised another £95 by increasing our membership further; renewals and badge sells.

You don’t have to have a disability to join our association and if you do join us you will receive a limited addition badge; a membership card and you will also be added to the clubs Priority Group database.

Our next project is to raise funding for a new accessible entrance to the club shop/reception, a Sensory room and accessible rest area seating in all refreshment areas around the ground. As stated above, you don’t have to have a disability to join our association so please join us and help us to reach our target this year of 150 members. Our 150th member will receive a bottle of bubbly.

If you’ve not yet renewed you membership please approach Martin on match days to renew or email us to renew via a bank transfer please email us @ ecdsa.membership@ecfc.co.uk for more details.

We would like to thank everyone who has renewed; joined or contributed towards our cause and please feel free to visit us on Facebook, search for Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association.


ECDSA Latest News - October  2019

Committee for 2019/20 season:

Last season’s committee members gave a very warm welcome to our new committee members’ Will Allan; Mary Fredlund; Janice Williams and her assistance dog Wendie & Allen Williams. All thanked them for coming forward to join our associations committee and are very much looking forward to working with each other on behalf of our members; those with disabilities and Exeter City Football Club.

Chairman – Nick Saunders.

Vice-Chair – David Jones.

Secretary – Sue Harwood.

Treasurer – Trevor Harwood.

Membership Secretary – David Jones.

Fundraising – All committee members.

Press Officer – Will Allan.

Website & Social Media Editor – Nick Saunders.

Football Club Representative – Nick Saunders: ECFC Disability Liaison Officer & Will Allan: Exeter City Community Trust’s Disability Officer.

Other committee members – Mary Fredlund; Jeanne Jones; Janice & Allen Williams.

At the committee meeting held on 27th August, sadly Martin Robertson handed in a letter of resignation citing Personal Reasons for resigning. We all thank Martin for all his hard work and time given to our DSA over the years and wish him all the best for the future.

Stadium Tour:

All committee members, old and new were taken on a Stadium tour of the new and improved accessible facilities now on offer at the football club by Justin Quick and everyone thanked Justin for all his help and understanding and taking on board what the DSA was hoping for when redevelopments were taking place to improve and further the football clubs accessible facilities and working with our DSA. Justin also thanked our association for our understanding and great advice given and thanked us for equipping out the Changing Places Room and other projects we continue to undertake.

Bucket Collection:

The football club kindly gave our DSA the opportunity to have a bucket collection on Saturday 14th September vs. Leyton Orient. We raised a total of £63.22 which may seem disappointing but this will help us greatly on future projects (our latest project will be announced very shortly). We thank all collectors for their time and to supporters for their very kind generosity as they do every season.


Exeter City launch Autism packs

Packs aim to make matchdays inclusive to all.

The club has teamed up with the Junior Grecians and the Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association, who have kindly sponsored the packs.

Oldham Athletic and Plymouth Argyle have introduced similar packs in the last couple of seasons and as there are more people with disabilities wanting to watch live local football, it’s a no brainer as a fans owned club to introduce our own Autism packs here at St James Park.

The packs are for supporters who have Autism or a condition on the Autism Spectrum and aim to help make their matchday experience more enjoyable and comfortable.

The items will come complete with an Exeter City draw string bag and includes the following:

  • Autism Awareness ID Card with lanyard, which can be shown to matchday staff and stewards for when asking for assistance when visiting St James Park.
  • An easy to follow stadium guide.
  • Noise-cancelling Ear Defenders (if required).
  • Fidget spinner.

Easy To Find Areas.jpg

Nick Saunders, Exeter City’s disability liaison officer and DSA Chairman said: “For the past 16 years our football club have made massive strides in many areas to ensure that the club is accessible to all and with the fantastic help and support from the Disabled Supporters Association over the years in many, many ways.

“We are ecstatic to be able to offer these packs to supporters with Autism and to help make St James Park a safe environment and make coming to matchdays an enjoyable experience.”

Clive Harrison, ECFC director and Supporters Trust Trustee added: “As a parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum who has faced the challenges of visiting a busy football stadium, I appreciate the efforts of the Disabled Supporters Association in providing these Autism Packs.

“As a director, trustee and a volunteer with the Junior Grecians, Exeter City’s Junior supporters club, I am extremely proud of what the Club and Disabled Supporters Association have achieved in making the stadium not only accessible but also comfortable for all its visitors.

“Exeter City is consistently striving to be a safe, welcoming and inclusive family club, these packs are a demonstration of that. The Junior Grecians are very pleased to be part sponsoring the packs and know they will be a valuable aid to their users.”

The Autism packs are available to those aged 7 to 14 years old and will need to be pre-ordered prior to matchday as proof of disability is asked for (only once) and we ask that this is supplied in person by a parent or guardian as the young person’s name and parents or guardians contact number will be added to the Autism Awareness ID Card to help Exeter City with safeguarding as the young person’s own wellbeing and safety is paramount.

The only proof required is a personal letter from a consultant; similar or GP’s (doctors) letter confirming diagnoses, this is to ensure that packs go to those who the packs are designed for and due to the limited number of packs available, packs will be issued on a first come, first served basis.

This can be done by visiting the club shop/reception prior to matchday, as stated above.

Exeter City would like to remind supporters that not all enquiries will result in receiving a pack.

For enquires on availability, please email: reception@ecfc.co.uk or disability@exetercityfc.co.uk.


ECDSA Latest News - March 2020

Items bought for the football club:

The DSA has in the last month bought items to replace or add to the already good accessible facilities at Exeter City FC. Just over £550 has been spent and all made possible through our Bucket Collections; Christmas Draws; Membership and kind donations.  

1 – Assistant Wheelchair: This is a replacement due to the old chair being damage.

2 – 16 Personal Assistant Chairs for Big Bank Areas 2 & 3: These are replacing old and missing chairs.

3 – Wall Mounted Baby Changing Table: This is an addition to the Changing Places Room in the Stagecoach Adam Stansfield Stand. This is to ensure the baby’s safety as the adult changing table in this room was being used and there was the worry a baby could fall off the adult table.

4 – Counter Induction Loop: This is in addition to the portable induction loop the association bought and this will help massively with those with hearing loss.  

Carer Coffee Mornings:

Our DSA has recently been awarded a nice financial amount from the Devon & Cornwall Police and Dorset Police – Proceeds of Crime Fund. This money is so the DSA can setup Carer Coffee Mornings up at Exeter City FC.

The idea is that these Coffee Mornings are held once/every other month for Parent Carers and Carers in general who attend matches here at the park. However, if you know a Carer who would benefit by attending a coffee morning, they’re welcome to attend. Coffee mornings are a great way to socialise with fellow Carers and hopefully make you feel part of the football club. What better way to make friends and meeting others who maybe in the same boat ‘so to speak’ and by talking about your issues or problems.

There’ll be guest speakers from departments of the football club plus from groups in the community on accessibility and disability. Those attending will have the greatest say on the direction of the Coffee Mornings.

The date for the first Carers Coffee Morning will be announced shortly.

Bucket Collection:

The football club kindly gave our DSA another opportunity to have a bucket collection this season which took place on Tuesday 3rd March vs. Crewe. We raised a total of £306.23 which is a fantastic amount and will help us greatly on future projects. We thank all collectors for their time and to the supporters for their very kind generosity, as they always do when we have a collection up at the park.


Thank you all for your fantastic support of ECDSA this season and remember if you think we could help improve your match day experience up at St James’ Park or others with disabilities (either home or away fans) then please get in touch.

Please check out our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/Exeter-City-Disabled-Supporters-Association-432152267129741/


Most Improved Player of the Year 2019/20

Exeter City matches have been coming ‘thick & fast’ after a very short pre-season and with all the Covid-19 restrictions still in place within football and in the community,  we (ECDSA) with the help of Andy Gillard up at the clubs training ground have finally presented our “Most Improved Player of the Year” 2019/20 award to the winner as voted for by our members. 

The winner for the 2019-20 award by a massive 95% of the vote is awarded to a very talented midfielder and he had a very good season and fully deserved this accolade.

😀😀 Archie Collins 😀😀

Archie (right) was presented his award by Exeter City Manager, Matt Taylor ‘thank you Matt’.

Archie was so chuffed with his award and was chuffed when seeing the names of past winners on the shield which includes: 2007/08 – George Friend; 2008/07 – Dean Moxey; 2009/10 – Liam Sercombe; 2010/11 – James Dunne; 2011/12 – Scot Bennett; 2012/13 – Artur Krysiak; 2013/14 – Tom Nichols; 2014/15 – Jordan Moore-Taylor; 2015/16 – Ollie Watkins; 2016/17 – Christy Pym; 2017/18 – Pierce Sweeney; 2018/19 – Matt Jay.

Our award was sponsored again by Steve Gazzard. Thanks again Steve for sponsoring the award on behalf of us all.


Giving supporters with disabilities of Exeter City Football Club 'a voice to be heard'