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Latest News 11/09/18

Latest ECDSA news 11/09/18

Once again we’re extremely grateful to Exeter City FC for allowing us to have a bucket collection at the Lincoln City match on 1st September, 2018.

For several seasons now this has helped us greatly in boosting our funds towards improving facilities at St James Park for supporters with disabilities.

Through the generosity of fans we raised a fantastic amount of £260.12

This season alone we’re supporting a number of projects around St James Park including End of Seat Hand Rails for the IP Office stand, TV screens for the new stand to assist those who cannot hear the tannoy announcements, equipment for the new Changing Places Room and Safety Netting to protect those in the accessible bays at the front of the Big Bank stand from flying balls when players are warming up before games.

We’ll be handing Exeter City FC £4,000 or more this season alone and we’re only able to hand this amount over due to years of fundraising through Christmas draws and collections. We’ve still been doing stuff for the club over the years but we’ve also been saving to allow us to help with bigger amounts when called upon.


Christmas Draw 2018 – Are You Able to Donate a Prize?

We know it’s only September but we will be holding our Christmas Draw again this season and are on the hunt for prizes. We would very much like to hear from anyone able or willing to help by donating a prize. If you are, please email: or telephone Nick on 07913 256697 – thank you.

Committee Members for 2018/19 –

Like the Terminator, Nick Saunders is back as our chairman and the following is all those on the committee.  David Jones (vice-chair and membership), Sue Harwood (secretary), Trevor Harwood (treasurer), Jeanne Jones, Martin Robertson and Lee Holmes (president).

Membership recruitment drive 2018

We are working on recruiting 100 members this season as this has always been our hope since our DSA was formed back in 2007. Membership is available for only £5.00 per season and this ensures our members are included in the ECFC Priority Group database for tickets etc. Membership is open to everyone and not just to those with disabilities.

If you would like to join us please download a membership form from our Join Us webpage.

Please come and join us and help us greatly in reaching our 100 members target.

2017/18 season summary

     ECDSA 2017/18 season summary

Andrew Barge sadly resigned as our chairman at the end of March.

As Andrew resigned at the end of March it would be unfair to have a chairman’s report so it was decided that we have a Summary of the past season and the following is that summary:

Ambassador: Former England Premier League & FIFA Assistant Referee Mike Mullarkey continued as our ambassador. However, due to work commitments he has decided to stand down as our Ambassador as of this AGM. The following is a statement we received by Mike on his decision.

After much consideration, I feel it appropriate that I stand down from my role as Ambassador for the Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association at the forthcoming AGM. I have thoroughly enjoyed my involvement since taking up the position in 2014, however, in the last 18 months since taking up my role Coaching the Assistant Referees within PGMOL I have found it increasingly difficult to attend Association meetings and functions. It is only right that the Ambassador is able to give sufficient support and presence to the group as this is the primary reason for my decision. I do feel that my profile within the game is now much lower than when I was active and I feel that a new Ambassador would be able to bring greater spotlight on the Association which can only be a positive thing. I would like to thank everyone for the warm way in which I was greeted from my first meeting and every subsequent involvement. I would like to stay in touch with the group and will continue to stay on as a member. Many thanks for your support and best wishes for the future. Mike Mullarkey.

President: Lee Holmes continued as our President for a second season and we had the pleasure in sponsoring Lee’s training kit. Thank you, Lee for your fantastic support and being the President of our association.

Windbreaker board: We continued sponsorship of our board at the front of area 2 in the Main Stand.

Match day accessible parking: Due to redevelopments we lost 3 accessible parking places as we had 6 before so we had to suspend the waiting list we hold on behalf of the football club that ensured all spaces are used on match days by those with disabilities only. We are working with the football club to ensure we get these lost spaces back and we hope this will be fulfilled shortly.

Level Playing Field membership: We continued to be fully paid up members and this ensured we get any legal advice and support if needed on any accessible issues.

Re-development: Our representatives, Jeanne; David and Nick have had further meetings with Justin Quick (club’s General Manager) and been working on the concerns we had with the plans and with Justin’s help and understanding, our concerns are continuing to be rectified as we continue to keep an eye on things and we look forward to seeing the changes we’ve asked for and within the redevelopments limited budget.

Accessible Information Leaflet: A new and improved accessible information leaflet was put together which includes our membership form. This has been updated for the new season and copies will be printed shortly.

Large cheque for presentations: Signs Express as one of our partners kindly donated a large laminated cheque for us to use when doing cheque presentations. Thank you.

Bucket collection: The football club again kindly gave us the opportunity to have a bucket collection which this time was the Accrington Stanley game held on 25th November. A big thank you to all our bucket collectors for giving up their half-time.

New dugout issue: Last summer new dugouts where put in front of the IP Office Stand near the touchline, however, these made visibility of the game for users of accessible areas 2 and 3 very difficult. The positioning of the dugout severely restricted the view of one half of the pitch and make it impossible to enjoy the match. Nick as the clubs DLO was able to get users of areas 2 & 3 a refund on their season tickets with Justin Quick’s understanding and a ‘good will gesture’ by the football club. Justin Quick attended one of our meeting and reported that the dugouts were not satisfactory for the spectators or the team and he has requested an architect draw up some plans to resolve this issue. It maybe that the dugouts could be swapped for the accessible bays but access could be a problem.

Yeovil DSA: Sadly, Bruce James and Roger Battrick both ex-chairman of Yeovil’s DSA passed away and we sent them a condolence card as we’ve got good ties with their DSA.

Disability Workshop: We were invited by Martin Weiler and Will Barrett who were hosting a workshop on the topic of ‘Disability and Football’. The aim of the workshop was to discuss on how football clubs engage with people with various disabilities, and how this has changed and developed over time and the purpose of the event was to draw together some of the most important elements of the discussion to form the basis of a short film for the heritage lottery funded, ‘City Museum’ project.

Most Improved Player award 2017/18: Members were asked again to vote for their ‘Most improved player of the year’ and this year’s winner was Pierce Sweeney. The trophy was presented to Pierce by committee members Trevor & Sue and our trophy sponsor Steve Gazzard at the club’s end of season ball.

We continue having ties with other supporter groups namely: ‘One game, one community’ group; East Devon Grecians who continued their support with our group by continuing their membership with us. Also, the Supporters Trust and the Football Club.

Membership was lower than last season and we’ve still got high hopes on having over 100 members. One thing we could do is by looking at our followers on Facebook as we’ve 75 followers, which is higher than our membership, so it’s now finding a way to encourage the followers who aren’t members to become members.

Our association is still supportive of the South West Disabled Fans’ Experience Forum as founder members with last year’s forum taking place at Yeovil Town. Committee members Sue and Trevor attended last October’s forum along with Richard Knight the club’s Supporter’s Liaison Officer. The forum was again a great success and the next forum will be taking place at Bristol Rovers, this October.

I would like to finish by thanking the committee including Andrew for all their hard work and time given for the benefit of our members and Exeter City over the past season. Our partners, Exeter Nissan; GreenMyBusiness and Signs Express for their support. Mike Mullarkey and Lee Holmes for their fantastic support of our association and to all our members for their continued support and to Exeter City Football Club for allowing us to use their facilities, again for free for our meetings and finally to you all again for attending this year’s AGM.

Nick Saunders, vice-chair

Date: 24th July, 2018

ECFC Video on Disability and Football.

Exeter City Football Club have officially announced the online launch of a new short film, produced as part of the ECFC Museum project.

The film, Disability and Football, uses interviews and archival material to take a closer look at how the Club works with people of all abilities, both on and off the pitch.

We at the Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association fully supports the video as do the Exeter City Community Trust, and features many of those people who work with Exeter City to make a difference, including Will Allan (ECFC community Trust DIO), Nick Saunders (ECDSA/ECFC DLO), Jeanne Jones (ECDSA committee member), Greg Hill (ECDSA member/ECFC programme seller) and Paul Farley (ECFC Director and Senior safeguarding manager & equality and inclusion lead).

Will Barrett, who coordinates the museum project, and was part of the film production team said: “It’s always great to see how much goes on at City behind the scenes and in the community.

“This film was a chance for us to get to know some of the wonderful people involved in making a difference at the club, and to explore something that is really positive about the club’s culture and heritage that people may not know much about.”

The ECFC Museum is the latest initiative led by the ECFC History Group and Grecian Archive team, and is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the University of Exeter.

To learn more about the project, or discover how you might be able to get involved, please click here.

‘Most Improved Player of the Year’ winner 2017/18

'Most Improved Player of the Year' award winner 2017/18

** Pierce Sweeney **

Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association ‘Most Improved Player of the Year’ award 2017/18 was presented to this years winner by ECDSA committee members Trevor and Sue Harwood and award sponsor & former committee member Steve Gazzard at the clubs end of season ball.
         (From left/right – Steve Gazzard; Pierce Sweeney; Sue & Trevor Harwood) 
The Association’s ‘Most Improved Player of the Year’ award was first awarded at the end of the 2007/08 season and past winners have included:
George Friend; Dean Moxey; Liam Sercombe; James Dunne; Scot Bennet; Artur Krysiak; Tom Nichols; Jordan Moore-Taylor; Ollie Watkins and last year’s winner was Christy Pym.
Note: Photo taken from & by ECFC