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Most Improved Player of the Year 2018/19

Most Improved Player of the Year 2018/19

The winner of the ECDSA “Most Improved Player of the Year” 2018/19 as voted for by our members is:

😀😀😀 MATT JAY 😀😀😀

Congratulations from everyone here at ECDSA, the award is well deserved.

The award was presented to Matt by our award sponsor Steve Gazzard and his guest, thanks again Steve for sponsoring the award on behalf of us all.

Accessibility booklet launch.

Level Playing Field "weeks of action" 2019 includes Accessibility booklet launch. 


Exeter City Football Club; Disabled Supporters Association; Supporters Trust; One Game One Community Group and the Community Trust fully supports Level Playing Field’s ‘weeks of action’ campaign.

This year’s ‘weeks of action’ runs from March 2nd to March 17th. You can join Level Playing Field for their 2019 Weeks of Action @ #OurMatchday @lpftweets or

The DSA showed their support by launching the clubs new Accessibility booklet that includes all the clubs Disability Policies and the clubs Facilities/Accessible information and was put together by Nick Saunders (ECFC DLO/DSA Chair) and Scott Palfrey (ECFC Marketing) and this was kindly paid for by the Disabled Supporters Association. Nick Saunders (DSA Chair) and David Jones (DSA Vice-chair) were joined by Nicky Baker from Level Playing Field at the Tranmere Rovers match on 2nd March to undertake the launch.

Level Playing Field believes as everyone here at Exeter City does that fans are an important part of the game. By getting involved and by promoting access and inclusion we’re helping by making a big difference to supporters with disabilities everywhere enjoy their match day and the beautiful game that is football.

Football, as the nation’s favourite game has a key leadership role in promoting access, tackling discrimination and ensuring everyone has the opportunity and ability, to enjoy the game. It makes good sense to provide an inclusive environment with the clubs continued working partnership with the Disabled Supporters Association and the One game, one community group as they do great work in ensuring that supporters with disabilities can have an enjoyable match day experience and ’a voice to be heard’ at the club. For details of what the Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association do or to join them as members (membership is open to all). Please visit their website @ or find them on Facebook.

It has been exciting times for our football club as redevelopment of the two new stands have finished and are now fully open. Working with the DSA and with their great ideas we’ve improved further our facilities for those with disabilities which include more accessible wheelchair areas and spaces for home and away fans and a fully equipped changing places room. Ask the club for more information.

We’re still leading the way with our Policy on Assistance Dogs, as a great deal of football clubs still don’t have this sort of policy and we encourage all clubs to really consider having one as it helps greatly with staff training and understanding how many different types of assistant dogs there are.

For more details on the clubs facilities and football training for those with disabilities through the Exeter City Community Trust please visit the following websites @

or email:

ECFC Video on Disability and Football.

Exeter City Football Club have officially announced the online launch of a new short film, produced as part of the ECFC Museum project.

The film, Disability and Football, uses interviews and archival material to take a closer look at how the Club works with people of all abilities, both on and off the pitch.

We at the Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association fully supports the video as do the Exeter City Community Trust, and features many of those people who work with Exeter City to make a difference, including Will Allan (ECFC community Trust DIO), Nick Saunders (ECDSA/ECFC DLO), Jeanne Jones (ECDSA committee member), Greg Hill (ECDSA member/ECFC programme seller) and Paul Farley (ECFC Director and Senior safeguarding manager & equality and inclusion lead).

Will Barrett, who coordinates the museum project, and was part of the film production team said: “It’s always great to see how much goes on at City behind the scenes and in the community.

“This film was a chance for us to get to know some of the wonderful people involved in making a difference at the club, and to explore something that is really positive about the club’s culture and heritage that people may not know much about.”

The ECFC Museum is the latest initiative led by the ECFC History Group and Grecian Archive team, and is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the University of Exeter.

To learn more about the project, or discover how you might be able to get involved, please click here.