Latest News 11/09/18

Latest ECDSA news 11/09/18

Once again we’re extremely grateful to Exeter City FC for allowing us to have a bucket collection at the Lincoln City match on 1st September, 2018.

For several seasons now this has helped us greatly in boosting our funds towards improving facilities at St James Park for supporters with disabilities.

Through the generosity of fans we raised a fantastic amount of £260.12

This season alone we’re supporting a number of projects around St James Park including End of Seat Hand Rails for the IP Office stand, TV screens for the new stand to assist those who cannot hear the tannoy announcements, equipment for the new Changing Places Room and Safety Netting to protect those in the accessible bays at the front of the Big Bank stand from flying balls when players are warming up before games.

We’ll be handing Exeter City FC £4,000 or more this season alone and we’re only able to hand this amount over due to years of fundraising through Christmas draws and collections. We’ve still been doing stuff for the club over the years but we’ve also been saving to allow us to help with bigger amounts when called upon.


Christmas Draw 2018 – Are You Able to Donate a Prize?

We know it’s only September but we will be holding our Christmas Draw again this season and are on the hunt for prizes. We would very much like to hear from anyone able or willing to help by donating a prize. If you are, please email: or telephone Nick on 07913 256697 – thank you.

Committee Members for 2018/19 –

Like the Terminator, Nick Saunders is back as our chairman and the following is all those on the committee.  David Jones (vice-chair and membership), Sue Harwood (secretary), Trevor Harwood (treasurer), Jeanne Jones, Martin Robertson and Lee Holmes (president).

Membership recruitment drive 2018

We are working on recruiting 100 members this season as this has always been our hope since our DSA was formed back in 2007. Membership is available for only £5.00 per season and this ensures our members are included in the ECFC Priority Group database for tickets etc. Membership is open to everyone and not just to those with disabilities.

If you would like to join us please download a membership form from our Join Us webpage.

Please come and join us and help us greatly in reaching our 100 members target.