Most Improved Player Winner 2019/20

Most Improved Player of the Year 2019/20

Exeter City matches have been coming ‘thick & fast’ after a very short pre-season and with all the Covid-19 restrictions still in place within football and in the community,  we (ECDSA) with the help of Andy Gillard up at the clubs training ground have finally presented our “Most Improved Player of the Year” 2019/20 award to the winner as voted for by our members. 

The winner for the 2019-20 award by a massive 95% of the vote is awarded to a very talented midfielder and he had a very good season and fully deserved this accolade.

😀😀 Archie Collins 😀😀

Archie (right) was presented his award by Exeter City Manager, Matt Taylor ‘thank you Matt’.

Archie was so chuffed with his award and was chuffed when seeing the names of past winners on the shield which includes: 2007/08 – George Friend; 2008/07 – Dean Moxey; 2009/10 – Liam Sercombe; 2010/11 – James Dunne; 2011/12 – Scot Bennett; 2012/13 – Artur Krysiak; 2013/14 – Tom Nichols; 2014/15 – Jordan Moore-Taylor; 2015/16 – Ollie Watkins; 2016/17 – Christy Pym; 2017/18 – Pierce Sweeney; 2018/19 – Matt Jay.

Our award was sponsored again by Steve Gazzard. Thanks again Steve for sponsoring the award on behalf of us all.