Our Rules


  1. Organisation name: The organisation shall be known as the Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association (ECDSA or ECFCDSA).

2. Aims and objectives: The promotion of activities and schemes for the benefit of Exeter City AFC Ltd and supporters with disabilities. The association will also promote the inclusiveness of all supporters with disabilities as well as their personal assistant/s. The association shall also carry out such activities as the committee hereinafter mentioned shall from time to time determine.

3. The association recognises: All supporters with disabilities should have an equal opportunity to participate in an enjoyable match day experience and that all supporters with disabilities and their personal assistant/s must have their interests recognised and promoted by Exeter City AFC Ltd with equal status to that of all other supporters of the club.

4. Committee numbers: There shall be a committee of not more than 12 in number. 10 from the membership and 2 representatives of Exeter City AFC Ltd.

5. Nominations for the committee: This shall be made in writing to the secretary of the association not less than fourteen days prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and the committee shall be elected at such AGM.

6. Co-optioned committee members: The committee shall have the power to co-opt general members to serve on the committee for the current year provided that such co-option of additional members shall not bring the total number of the committee to more than 12. Co-opted members shall not be entitled to vote at committee meetings.  

7. Meetings: The committee shall meet not less than 4 times per year on dates to be decided by the committee.

8. Committee attendance: A committee member who fails to attend three consecutive committee meetings shall automatically forfeit their right to continue as a committee member, unless under extenuating circumstances.

9. Social media responsibilities: All committee members have a responsibility when using social media and note that it is illegal to send “indecent” or “grossly offensive” messages, and/or send “threats”, or “false information” with the intention of “causing distress or anxiety”.

9a. All committee members must understand that when they are on social media, they’re still representing the Association and as such, should conduct themselves in a manner that is reflective of the values of the association.

10. Associations’ treasurer: The treasurer shall receive and hold all monies on behalf of the Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association and cheques drawn shall be signed by any two of the three nominated signatories nominated by the committee. The bankers to act on behalf of the association will be the —————————-.

11. Membership: The committee shall establish a membership which will be open to anyone interested in becoming a member. Each member shall pay an annual subscription to be determined by the committee in the first year and subsequently by members at the AGM on recommendation of the committee. All members shall receive a receipt from the treasurer, or any other authorised official acting on the treasurer’s behalf. The association shall have the power to refuse an application for membership from any person without stating a reason, provided always that any person aggrieved by such rejections may appeal to the committee, whose decision on such appeal be final and binding.

12. Activities: The committee will be responsible for all Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association fundraising activities, assisted by such persons the committee may nominate from time to time. The accounts of all fundraising activities shall be maintained and shall be subject to an audit at least once every year.

12a. Bona Fide organisations: Other organisations may be affiliated to the association for social and fundraising ventures.

12b. All profits made as a result of activities: The enumerated above shall be applied for specific use of Exeter City AFC Ltd for the benefit of all supporters with disabilities.

13. Extraordinary General Meeting: An extraordinary general meeting (EGM) of the association shall be called upon fourteen days’ notice given in writing to the secretary and requested by no fewer than one third of the membership. Such notice shall specify the matters which the members in question wish to raise at such meeting. No other business shall be transacted at such EGM, save that in respect of 7 days’ notice shall be given to all members.

14. Premium bonds, any winnings or assets: If the association pays into a bond scheme, e.g. Premium Bonds. Any winnings or if the assets of the association holds are greater than £20,000, an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) must be called and members informed within twenty-one days of any winnings/assets over the above, mentioned amount. The membership must send any ideas or suggestions on what could be done with the winnings/assets in writing to the secretary of the association not less than fourteen days prior to the EGM. The committee will consider all ideas/suggestions and then bring these to the EGM. 65% of the membership must agree to any ideas or suggestions put forward by the committee. The committee must act to implement the memberships wishes within a suitable time frame set out and agreed with the membership.      

15. Rules amendments: No new rules or alterations to existing rules shall be made except by giving fourteen days’ notice prior to the AGM and no new rules shall conflict with any policy of Exeter City AFC Ltd.

16. In case of liquidation: In the event of liquidation of the Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association, a final statement of accounts shall be prepared by a chartered accountant nominated by the association and approved by a General Meeting of members. All residuary monies shall then be donated to Exeter City AFC Ltd for the benefit of all supporters with disabilities.

Approved : 11th July 2017

Giving supporters with disabilities of Exeter City Football Club 'a voice to be heard'